Organization Chart of Taiwan Medical Association(Ⅰ)

Taiwan Medical Association

Taiwan Medical Association
Taipei City Medical Association
Kaohsiung City Medical Association
New Taipei City Medical Association
Taoyuan City Medical Association
Hsinchu City Medical Association
Hsinchu County Medical Association
Miaoli County Medical Association
Taichung City Medical Association
Greater Taichung Medical Association
Changhwa County County Medical Association
Nantou County Medical Association
Yunlin County Medical Association
Chiayi City Medical Association
Chiayi County Medical Association
Tanan Medical Association
Kanhsiung County Medical Association
Pingtung County Medical Association
Ilian County Medical Association
Hwalian County Medical Association
Taitung County Medical Association
Kinmen County Medical Association
Lienchiang County Medical Association

Organization Chart of Taiwan Medical Association(Ⅱ)

TMA's highest authority is the Congress of Membership Delegates, which is composed of the representatives from the members and meets each year. Its responsibilities are to deliberate and pass on the business reports, work plans and budgets, and financial reports of the board of directors, to elect and recall the directors and supervisors, to deliberate and pass on member application fees and annual membership dues, and to deliberate and pass on the bylaws and matters pertaining to the rights and duties of the membership.

The board of directors is comprised of thirty-five individuals (including the president, ten standing directors and twenty-four directors), with a secretary general, who carries out the decisions of the board of directors and the directives of the president. Below the board are the medical policy department, the medical insurance department, the medical affairs assistance and guidance department, the external relations department, the academic information department, the financial affairs department, the general affairs department and the research and planning department, all of which carry out the related work of the organization.

The responsibilities of the board of directors include the reviewing of the qualifications of the membership delegates, carrying out the resolutions of the Congress of Membership Delegates, electing and recalling the standing directors and the president, passing on the annual plan for the association's affairs and its budget, and evaluating the results.

The board of supervisors is comprised of eleven individuals (including one standing supervisor and ten supervisors), and is responsible for overseeing the carrying out of the resolutions of the Delegates' Conference by the board of directors, as well as overseeing the business and the financial report of the board of directors, electing and recalling of the standing supervisor, and overseeing the financial assets of the organization.

According to the business requirements of the board of directors, it may establish various committees to take on research of related affairs, and formulate plans and promote work for the board's consideration. At present there are ten committees, which include the committee on medical policy, the committee on medical affairs assistance and guidance, the committee on policy relating to national health insurance, the committee on international affairs, the committee on medical ethics and discipline, the committee on medical regulations, the committee on public relations, the committee on editorial review, the committee on academic information, and the committee on membership welfare.

Committee on Medical Policy

  1. Research of medical policy and the medical system.
  2. Research of medical resources and manpower supply and demand in the medical profession.
  3. Research of medical administration and medical management.
  4. Research of other medical policy affairs.

Committee on Policy Relating to National Health Insurance

  1. Research of policies related to the National Health Insurance system.
  2. Research of policies related to the National Health Insurance laws and regulations.
  3. Research of policies related to the National Health Insurance financial system.
  4. Research of policies related to the system of National Health Insurance costs and expenditures.
  5. Research of policies related to the standards for National Health Insurance costs and expenditures.
  6. Research of other policies related to the National Health Insurance affairs.

Committee on Public Relations

  1. Liaison and cooperation with government agencies and other organizations.
  2. Plan, conduct and participate in all kinds of public activities that raise the image of the physicians.
  3. Plan of Nomination or support to run for the national public service election, enhance the interactive relationship with the parliament, and to strive for reasonable rights and interests of physicians.
  4. Plan and organize delegations to visit the medical associations of other countries, further interchange and promote citizen diplomacy.
  5. Plan and conduct of other promotion of public relation affairs.

Committee on Medical Regulations

  1. Research of medical regulations.
  2. Research of medical regulation interpretation.
  3. Collection, analysis and research of medical regulation information.
  4. Research of regulations, contracts and Global Budget entrusted contract related to the National Health Insurance.
  5. Research of regulations, statutes and Contract related to the rights and interests of membership.
  6. Disposition of regulations related to ethics discipline and medical plea.
  7. Collection, analysis and research of other medical regulation related information.

Committee on Academic Information

  1. Promotion of planning for continuing education of physicians.
  2. Provide opinions and technique to the various medical professional specialties.
  3. Research of the rights guarantees of the various medical professional specialties.
  4. Other researches related to academic education

Committee on Medical Ethics and Discipline

  1. Research of promotion of the ethics of the organization's membership.
  2. Research of methods of punishment of membership for disciplinary violations.
  3. Disposition of professional infractions by the organization's membership.
  4. Urge membership to defend patient-centered idea.
  5. Urge members to engage in medical practice with independent, free and conscientious attitude.
  6. Urge members not to practice if incompetent, not to contest patients and let patients choose doctors freely.
  7. Disposition and prevention of cases of medical disputes.
  8. Research of other medical-related ethics and disciplinary cases.

Committee on International Affairs

  1. Deal with affairs of international medical meetings and academic activities.
  2. Promotion of liaison and cooperation with World Medical Association (WMA), Confederation of Medical Associations in Asia and Oceania (CMAAO) and international medical professional organizations.
  3. Collection and disposition of medical information from foreign countries.
  4. Research of other international business.

Committee on Editorial Review

  1. Planning and disposition of editing, publishing and advertising of the organization’s publications.
  2. Editing of academic titles and academic reports.
  3. Editing of domestic and international medical conference and academic activities.
  4. Editing of medical administration and academic activities.
  5. Editing of reviews and organization’s activities.
  6. Building, maintaining and updating of internet.

Committee on Medical Affairs Assistance and Guidance

  1. Research of guidance of public health prevention.
  2. Research of medical environmental regulation and system.
  3. Research of right and interest of drugs prescription and management.
  4. Research of guidance of medical information establishment.
  5. Research of guidance of medical professional taxes.
  6. Research of social insurance services.
  7. Research of other business related to medical affairs assistance and guidance

Committee on Membership Welfare

  1. Planning of members' welfare and recreational activities.
  2. Research and planning of members' insurance annuities.
  3. Research and planning of support of members' medical disputes system
  4. Research of other matters relating to members' welfare.